The Journey to Ironman (1) - "How it all started." by G. Kent Iu

(This post was originally published on April 19th 2018 on Medium.)


The Journey to Ironman (1) - How it all started. by G. Kent Iu

Everything started with a question I received on WhatsApp.
"Do you wanna try to do an Ironman?"
Message was from my eldest brother, a fitness coach, a triathlete trainer, and an athlete.
As ignorant and as competitive as I am, even I have not done any fitness training for years, unfit, and couldn't even ride a bike properly.
I responded - "I can do Ironman"
This was a week and a half ago.
For the following few days, it was all I was thinking in my head.
Two days later, I met my brother in person in the gym, he was instructing a cycling class.  He saw me.  He asked me again.
"So you want to do it?"
I said "Yes."
"Go run 20km in a week first."
"20km in one go?  Or in total in a week?"
There were no more responses.
And I knew.
That was the answer I needed.  No more question was asked.
All I needed was to start, and that was how things begin.
That, was a month ago.
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The Journey to Ironman (1) - How it all started. by G. Kent Iu

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