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Vitroguard® Original Series 72hrs protection (4 x 50ml)

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Vitroguard® Original Series 72hrs protection



Vitroguard® Original Series is our original formula, used as part of an everyday cleaning routine, to create an anti-bacterial and anti-viral surface for at least 72 hours. The patented Nano-technology multipurpose disinfectant contains no alcohol, and can be used on any surface, especially those which are hard to clean, or used very often by many people. When using the handy pack, it can used to sanitize items on-the-go, and for disinfecting the hands where handwashing is not possible. Rinsing is not required before using the items to eat (camping utensils, etc). The product is made in Germany and is safe for use around children and animals.


How to use:

Spray Vitroguard® Original Series onto the item for disinfecting. After 5 mins, a clean cloth can be used to wipe off the excess water. The item can also be air dried if required (soft items such as curtains, bed sheets and pillows). Once treated with Vitroguard®, the item is sanitized and anti-bacterial/anti-viral for the next 72 hours. 


Vitroguard® Original Series creates an Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and preventative surface against the following (non-conclusive) examples:



Influenza HxNx (e.g. H5N1, H7N9, etc)

Common Flu


Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)



Tinea pedi and ringworm (Athlete’s Foot)

Onychomycosis (Nail Fungal infections)




  1. 50ml – Handy pack, easy to carry in a pocket, handbag or backpack. Can be used to disinfect your hands after using a public restroom, and before each meal in an indoor or outdoor setting. Can also be used in an outdoor scenario where disinfecting and sanitizing items are necessary.


Main Ingredients: Water, Benzalkonium chloride




VAH and DVV guidelines

DIN EN 1040, 1275, 1276, 1650, 13967, 13485

ISEGN – Food Safety

Animal Sensitization


Areas to be used (non-conclusive list):

Hands (where handwashing is not possible)

Outdoor Utensils

Public bathrooms

Home and Office environments (kitchen/pantry, telephones, common rooms)


Shelf Life: 2 years

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Vitroguard® Original Series 72hrs protection (4 x 50ml)