Spray/ Water Resistance: Vitroguard® Liquid Glass For Hard (Non-Absorbent) Surfaces (2 X 50Ml) - Vitroguard / 2 X 50Ml / Hard Surface /

Vitroguard® Liquid Glass for Hard (Non-Absorbent) Surfaces (2 x 50ml)

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Vitroguard® Liquid Glass for Hard (Non-Absorbent) Surfaces



Vitroguard® Liquid Glass for Hard Surfaces allows for non-absorbent, non-porous surfaces to become faster in repelling water and other liquids and increase resistance from abrasion. The patented Nano-technology Advanced Liquid Glass Technology, made in Germany, creates a very thin, nano-scale, layer of glass upon the hard surface, creating a surface that can repel liquids at a much faster rate, as well as resistance against sharp items. This nano-technology layer does not interfere with any pre-exisiting coating, for example coated glasses and goggles.


What is Liquid Glass?:

Liquid glass (technically termed “SiO2 ultra-thin layering”) consists of almost pure silicon dioxide (silica, the normal compound in glass) extracted from quartz sand. It can be Water based or Ethanol based, depending on the item to be treated. Vitroguard® Liquid Glass uses patented Nanotechnology to enable the liquid glass to adhere to the surface required, creating a thin film to protect the item.

- 100% Invisible

- 200% Flexible

- Creates a Hydrophobic Layer and Oleophobic layer so that water or oil based substances cannot adhere or penetrate the surface

- Resists acids and alkaline

- Withstand extreme temperatures

- Resists abrasion


How to use:

Spray Vitroguard® Liquid Glass for Hard Surfaces liberally, until the whole surface is covered in the mist. Allow to cure for at least 15min, best to leave until dry. Wipe dry and buff the surface with a clean dry soft cloth. Do a water drop test to confirm success – the water droplet should be rounded and easily slide off. For best results, ensure the item is completely dry and clean before treating, and there is no previous layer of wax. Ensure your working area is well ventilated before using Vitroguard® Liquid Glass for Hard Surfaces. 



  1. 50ml – can be used on an area equivalent to around 10 standard saloon windscreens


Examples of Lifestyle usage:

Vehicle windows and side windows – allow fast repelling of water to increase visibility in heavy torrential rain

Home Shower cubicle glass - increase the ease of cleaning from less water residue forming

Mobile phones and watch faces – resist sharp objects from damaging the surface


Can be used on:

  • Glass surfaces
  • Sun glasses and Glasses
  • Snow Goggles, Helmets and swimming goggles
  • Mirror
  • Mobile phone screen glass
  • Watch face glass
  • Metals
  • Plastics

Shelf Life: 2 years

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Vitroguard® Liquid Glass for Hard (Non-Absorbent) Surfaces (2 x 50ml)