AMPLIFI Charger Drone Roller Snowboard Bag Sandstorm 1718

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AMPLIFI Charger Drone Roller Bag

The Charger Drone is a fully padded, high-quality board bag that gets your board to the mountain safely and in style. Theres space for boots, an internal strap to keep your gear in place and a stash pocket for tools and passes. You can even strap it on your skateboard to convert it into a wheelie bag!

Primary Material: 100% Polyester

- High-Performance Accessories:
The High-Performance Accessories that enhance our designs are provided by quality suppliers like YKK Plastics, ITW Nexus and WOOJIN Plastics. Most parts are made from recycled materials.

- Polyester:
Polyester is durable, lightweight and is used in our gear bags. The ripstop version is even more tear- and abrasion-resistant.

Custom-Mold Zipper-Pullers are super-stretchy and make it easy to put on and take off gear no matter what the conditions.

Detachable Shoulder Straps mean that you can throw on your pack when you need it and stash it strapless to avoid tangles.

The Skateboard Carrier is a convenient way to take your skate wherever you go.

- Height: 158 cm
- Width: 30 cm
- Depth: 23 cm

- Height: 166 cm
- Width: 31 cm
- Depth: 24 cm

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AMPLIFI Charger Drone Roller Snowboard Bag Sandstorm 1718