Jobe Breach Wakeboard Series 2017

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The 2017 Jobe Breach has been developed ith pro rider Dominik Guehrs. Having won numerous comps all around the world, Dominik knows the recipe for a rad flex wakeboard. This board with a blended core is faster and offers more grip than any other because it's produced with high-end triax-technology. The Breach has all the ingredients to be your perfect all-round flex board. We added ABS rail protection damage and a HIT base coat for ultimate protection and shock redemption.


If you like speed on the water look no further. The narrowed shape of the tip & tail combined with a slightly hybrid 3-stage rocker make the Breach\s speed unmatched.

The unique channel set-up of the Breach offers lots of grip. Especially the deep channels in the middle offer you maximum grip for your rides: they run from the tip of the Breach all the way to the tail.

The hybrid core with triax-technology make the Breach very flexible, but still strong, allowing the rider to easily lock into presses on features.


  • Speed & grip make this an efficient park board
  • Ideal board for the all-round rider
  • 3-stage-rocker for an ultimate release
  • ABS sidewall & H.I.T. base for protection
  • Blended core: perfect blend between flexibility and strength
  • Press technology: lock into presses
  • Triaxial give flex and lightness on the rails
  • Dominik Guhrs\s choice

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Jobe Breach Wakeboard Series 2017