SlingShot Terrain 2016

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The ultimate, uncompromising, rail, kicker and cable crusher, the Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard was born and bread in the park by park riders and for park riders. A soft flex for feeling out the most complex features, no unnecessary fin holes to slow down board speed and continuous rocker to cushion the inescapable flat landings experienced in cable riding; the Terrain was meant to ride every feature in the park and at the highest level. XL Sidewalls and an ES Base ensure bomb-proof durability and a construction that will sustain far more rail hits than you are willing to dish out. For a park specific board that will make your rail pipe dreams come true, get the Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard and turn the cable park into your personal dreamland.



Continuous Rocker \ Rider friendly rocker takes the effort out of going big and landing soft.

SlingShot Terrain 2016



Wide Tips \ Easy to press and more stable on park features.


Blocked Urethane Rail

Park Ready Tune \ Slingshot fine-tuned the shape of the board\s rails for customized performance.


Atomic Core \ Locally farmed from sustainable forests, Slingshot's all-wood, ultra lightweight core provides the liveliest feel ever. It features vertically laminated stringers and custom molded channels. There is no better core material for achieving the best flex performance and durability in a board than full wood.

SlingShot Terrain 2016

Resin X \ This is the latest in high-tech organic urethane resins. What Resin-X has that epoxy and polyester resins don't is an exceptional flex memory that can withstand longer flex cycles and superior vibration dampening and increased elongation without failure. All combined, these features store a higher rate of loaded energy, insane durability, and the best UV-resistance on the market. Resin-X is a low-VOC (volatile organic chemicals) resin and the greenest on the market.


ES Base (EverShred) \ Ready for impact in the park, or any other strange places you find yourself shredding in.

Flat Base \ No channeling or grooves that could catch on features.


No fin holes or fins in order to minimize drag on water.


Bomber G10 Fortified Fastrack \ New for all 2016 Slingshot wakeboards is a revamped version of the industry-first Fastrack mounting system. The fortified G10 Fastrack is inlaid deeper into the board than the previous system and is locked in place by a thick layer of G10 - an insanely strong glass/epoxy composite. The result is a significantly stronger and more resilient Fastrack system built to withstand the ever-changing demands of the world's most progressive riders. The upgraded G10 Fastrack layup is Slingshot's answer to the increasingly hard-core punishment many riders are dishing out to their boards.

SlingShot Terrain 2016

Future Response Technology \ Provides more pop, softer landings and increased rail riding performance.

4D Graphics \ Utilizing cutting-edge graphic technology, every board features unique graphics and dimensional depth highlighting the core. By combining digital with hand crafted art, Slingshot is able to create boards that have a true sense of depth that is unlike anything else. No two boards look exactly the same.


  • Ability Level:Advanced-Expert
  • Riding Style:Park
  • Rocker Type:Continuous
  • Core Material:Wood
  • Base Type:Slider/Grind Base
  • Wakeboard Mount Pattern:Fastrack
  • Fins:None
  • Made in the USA:Yes
Size (cm) 136 140 144 148
Rocker Size (in) 2.5 2.7 2.9 2.9
Waist Width (cm) 42.4 43.7 44.9 44.9
Tip Width (cm) 27.4 28.2 29 29
Stance Range (in) 19.25 - 26.5 21.25 - 28.5 21.25 - 28.5 21.25 - 28.5
Rider Weight (lbs) 115 - 165 145 - 195 160 - 210 175 - 225

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SlingShot Terrain 2016