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Vitroguard® Medi "Petsafe" Series - 750ml

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Vitroguard®Medi "Petsafe"Ready-to-use(Alcohol-free) Solutions is a water-based surface disinfectant containing apolycondensate, a quaternary ammonium compound and sodium pyrithione. Vitroguard®is free from aldehydes and phenol.


For the disinfection of “medical” areas in accordance withDirective 93/42/EEC (Medical Devices) and all types of surfaces in hospitals,doctors practices, rehabilitation centres and retirement homes. Especiallyuseful in areas demanding effective and long-lasting hygiene. Particularlysuitable for areas where unpleasant odours caused by micro-organisms form, suchas toilets and sanitary facilities. Vitroguard®may beused in critical and sensitive areas of the pharmaceutical and cosmeticindustries. Vitroguard®Medi (Alcohol-free) solutions arealso safe for skin contact, and can be used as a hand-sanitizer.

Direction of Use

Lightly spray the required Vitroguard®MediSeries onto any surface that requires anti-bacterial and anti-viral disinfection treatment, enough to cover the area in light mist. Wait 5 minutesfor the antimicrobial protection to form. Wipe off excess water, or leave to air dry for best results. Can be used on any surface, including textiles, softtoys, plastic, stone, wood. For hand disinfection, spray a light mist on hands,followed by rubbing evenly until dry.


No safety protective gear is required, however, care must be taken to not spray directly into the eyes or mouth. In case of contact with eyes or purposely ingest the liquid, large amounts of fresh water should be used to wash and dilute affected area, followed by immediately seeing a doctor.

Microbiological effectiveness

Vitroguard®is effective against: bacteria,fungi, hepatitis B and C viruses, HIV, influenza virus including H5N1, rotaviruses and adenoviruses.

Active composition of product

Benzalkonium chloride, Purified water

UBA No: 57040031

Biocide-reg.no.: N-34071

Manufactured according to:


(MDD) 93/42/EEC

Class 2A


500ml and 750ml refill

Shelf Life: 2 years 

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Vitroguard® Medi "Petsafe" Series - 750ml