“The Road to Ironman” — Relativity by G. Kent Iu


From my understanding of the word “relativity”, was a scientific word that is related to space, planets, and time. The word was so far out to be reached in the world of physic, I never thought it connects so closely in our day to day life.

In general theory, everything is relatives. If I show you a piece of grape, and an apple, is the apple big or small? And what if I show you the apple along with a watermelon, now, is the apple big? Or small? 

These seem to be easy logic, kindergarten textbook material. But just because it is so simple, it is easy to be disregarded, when we were so busy working and the obligations of our life.

When we sometimes focus too much on our thoughts and ourself, we could easily miss the other things around us. When you focus on one thing, you miss the other stuff around it. Every action is so directional, there’s purpose for every move.

Since I started running, I realized there was a lot I did not recognize, I did not know there was a Korean restaurant that serves the dish I have been looking for. I did not know I can get to the beachside from my house without the need to taking a bus or any transportations. 

I found that once you start moving from your own world and reach out, you might find what you have been looking for was closer than you think.

And the further you run, the smaller the world gets. The smaller the world becomes, things seem to be easier to handle.

Suddenly, you will realize life is simpler than you know.

When you put things into perspective, there's no mountain that is too high, and there is no goal that is too big.

So go get them.

“The Road to Ironman” — Relativity by G. Kent Iu

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“The Road to Ironman” — Relativity by G. Kent Iu

September 03, 2018 — 1/60th Media