What is optcool

optcool.com is an ultimate one stop sports platform, focusing on sports and connecting the east and west. We also operate wholesale and retail businesses in Hong Kong and Macau.


What do we do

We help brand owners to enter local markets, creating market exposure, sales opportunities, handle operations and launch distribution channels. Consumers use optcool’s channels to discover sports products in wide range with unique selection.


Our mission
opt for the coolest.’
optcool’s mission is to build the coolest sports destination connecting buyers and sellers.


Our expertise
optcool isn’t just the normal distributor or retailer. We also have a very deep market insight and the know-how in sports retail industry. We fully understand the brand DNA in order to attempt the right strategies, reach the right customers by right sales channels with effectiveness.


Our people
optcool-ers are a group of cool-minded people with unlimited energy and passion. We love sports and see the sustainability of sports market. We discover the need of unique branded sports products in our markets.


Management philosophy
Direction, we move fast towards our long-term market leadership. Selection, we select cool-minded employees and winning strategies to achieve business goal. Execution, we maintain our discipline of getting things done. Revision, we measure, review and improve our effectiveness of investments.


Why brand-owners choose optcool
optcool provides a 360-degree brand development. We are the one-stop solution, and complementary sales channel for brand building. We save time, costs, minimize risks, and help overcoming entry barriers.


Why consumers choose optcool
optcool offers a wide range of ‘cool’ branded sports products in high quality, great value, with convenience. We have established a long-term relationship with consumers as a trust-worthy corporate. 



All products are 100% genuine.