Dimito MT GD Fleece Zip Shirts-BLACK

HK$966 $1,380



This is a fleece half-zip shirt made of fleece material with a soft and cozy feel to the touch. Even in winter, you can maintain warm body temperature even if you wear it with a lightweight outerwear together without any discomfort due to its light fit. The design features a tie-dye-style pattern print and a relaxed fit along with a front zip pocket for comfortable wear during various activities or lifestyle.

Shell : Polyester 100%


    1. You have to put it in the laundry net and wash it separately with a neutral detergent to wear it for a long time without damaging the product.
    2. Do not use chlorine bleach. In the case of printed products, the print may be damaged.
    3. Do not iron reflective tapes or rubber labels.
    4. Never dry clean the product.
    5. When drying, place it flat in tumbler dry or well-ventilated shade and dry it quickly.
    6. When it's completely dry, tap lightly to spread the down evenly (for down products).
    7. Wash stains or contaminated areas with a sponge or soft brush.

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