• Measured by an ABEC rating.
  • Small circular devices that allow your wheels to roll.
  • Determine how fast and smoothly your wheels rotate.
  • All skateboard bearings are the same size.
  • Any skateboard bearing can fit in any skateboard wheel and truck. 


  • Rating system to measure the standard in bearing industry.
  • The higher the ABEC rating, the more precise the bearing will be. 
  • The higher numbers also equate to higher prices. 


  • Bearings have steel balls.
  • Set of 7 or 8 lubricated balls.
  • Designed to disperse the weight of a load.
  • Ease tension between the wheels and the axle.
  • Bearings have ceramic balls.
  • Set of 9 lubricated balls.
  • Ceramic balls are lighter & stronger than steel balls.
  • Roll faster due to less friction.
  • High pricing.


  1. Obtain the correct replacement bearings for your wheels. 
  2. Remove the wheels with a ratchet or skate tool. Put the two washers and nut from the wheel in a bag or other small container so you do not lose them.
  3. Put the first bearing on the edge of the axle of the truck.
  4. Slowly pry the bearing off. If you're going to throw the bearings away anyway, you don't need to be too delicate with them, but try not to damage the wheel in the process.
  5. Repeat the process for the bearing on the other side of the wheel.
  6. Repeat for the other wheels.
  7. Drop the new bearings into the hole in the wheel or directly on the truck, whichever will make it easier in attaching the bearings.
  8. Put the wheel onto the truck of the skateboard and press down on the wheel to press the bearing into place.
  9. Put the bearing spacer inside the wheel on the other side.
  10. Repeat the process to press the second bearing into place.
  11. Repeat for the other wheels.
  12. Replace the wheel washers and nut, making sure they are secure.