• Find the right bindings for the snowboard is important.
  • Ensure the baseplates are compatible with the interface on your chosen snowboard.

4 Main Binding Mountain Systems 

1. Binding System: 4X4

  • Usually 3 holes per row

2. Binding System: 2X4

  • Allows for more stance width options than the 4 x 4 system
  • Usually 6 holes per row

    3. Binding System: 3D 

    • Burton’s diamond shaped boards
    • Uses 3 screws to mount the bindings 

    4. Binding System: CHANNEL SYSTEM

    • Bindings are attached to a track insert and then can move along the track
    • Almost any stance width you want with this system
    • Burton and Endeavour snowboards are only two brands that use a channel system



    SNOWBOARD Binding/ Board Installation