There are specialized snowboards for specific terrain, conditions and applications, the followings descriptions will give you a good sense of the major board categories .


  • The BEST beginner snowboards because they are very versatile.
  • Designed to ride well in all snow condition and terrain.
  • They want to ride groomers all day, powder, park runs and almost anything in between.


  • GREAT for terrain parks and street boarders.
  • The boards are shorter, lighter and more flexibility.
  • Combines the versatility of an all mountain snowboard with the playfulness of a freestyle snowboard.


  • GREAT for rider who want to go fast.
  • Designed to ride well on top of the groomers and in varied terrain.
  • Mostly used in the backcountry, riding steeps, or slashing the powder.

  4. POWDER 

  • EXCELLENT for rider who love powder.
  • The boards are wider nose and tapered narrower tail with generous rocker.
  • Often set back to help the rider float the tip through the pow.


  • Specific build for backcountry rider, with special bindings as required.
  • Designed to break down into two separate halves for touring and uphill travel (with climbing skin).