• Great for park riders or all-mountain freestyle
  • Best for half-pipe, rails, boxes, jumps, spins and tricks
  • Design for executing flat-ground tricks
  • Shorter, wider, lighter and more flexible
  • More stable and maneuverable
  • Symmetrical Flex
  • Easier to balance

SNOWBOARD Rocker Shape


  • Combination of true twins and directional snowboards
  • Provides freestyle flexibility with the improved floatation
  • The standard for all-mountain freestyle
  • Better for riding in both directions
  • Versatile deck

SNOWBOARD Rocker Shape


  • Stance that is set back from the center of the board
  • Keeping rider weight toward the tail reduces fatigue
  • Keeping afloat through choppy snow and powder
  • Suitable for going forward through deep snow
  • More stiffer than freestyle Board
  • Stiffer tails for carving better turns
  • Nose and tail asymmetrical flex
  • Softer nose than tails
  • Shorter tail
SNOWBOARD Rocker Shape