Choose the right size cleat is critical to your game. Know what to look for so you can dominate the field this season.

SOCCER Cleat Infographic

  1. A tough plastic insert in the back helps to provide structural support for the heel
  2. A thin tongue w/ minimal padding helps to improve on overall feel
  3. Thin, lightweight uppers are made of leather, K-leather, synthetic leather, or mesh
  4. A flexible toe box allows for efficient running and dynamic movements
  5. The part that covers the front of the cleat, often unembellished for excellent feel
  6. Bottom of the shoe, everything below the insole/ midsole
  7. Often made of molded plastic, studs help to provide traction on grass
  8. A thin insole/ midsole helps to provide comfort, support and cushioning
  9. A thin but stiff and slightly flexible soleplate houses the studs