Check the fit of the shoe

  • Ensure your shoes to feel snug, but not too tight
  • No pain, discomfort, chafing, or pressure points
  • Should be about the width of a baby’s finger between your toe and the front of your shoe
  • If you can feel your toes scraping against the front of the shoe, then they’re too small
  • If you can fit your entire thumb between your toes and the front, then the shoes are too big


Tips for Fitting Soccer Cleats

  • Consider whether material will stretch and size accordingly. Real leathers stretch, synthetics don’t
  • Wear socks you intend to play with while trying on shoes
  • Shop in-store and in the afternoon for the most accurate fit
  • Try walking and running in shoes to ensure comfort. Any pain or discomfort will be felt even more on the field
  • Consider adding your own insoles or orthotics for more comfort or a better fit
  • Try multiple sizes of the same shoe to find the comfortable ones