Proper maintenance of a wakeboard gear will maximize the lifespan of the gear. The following tips will help keep a wakeboard gear in top condition.


  • Try and keep your wakeboard out of the sun for long periods of time. Sun damages gear just like skin.
  • Rinse your gear with fresh water after use in salt water.
  • Inspect your board and bindings every time your ride.  A small tear can easily turn into a trashed board or binding.
  • Replace worn or damage parts before you ride the board.
  • Check those fins and make sure they are tight.  They sink like sunglasses.
  • Check binding retention bolts before each ride to make sure they are tight.
  • Protect your gear with a wakeboard bag for storing and transporting. Bags fend off bumps, scratches and long exposure to the sun as well as protect your boat. Be sure to dry your wakeboard before leaving it in its bag for a long period of time.
  • Store your gear in a cool, dry location.


  • Store the rope out of direct sunlight because the UV rays can break down the fibers in the rope. 
  • Rinse the rope with fresh water after each use and wash it periodically to prevent dirt from penetrating the rope and causing weak spots. 
  • Alternate between two ropes and use each rope for an extended period of time before switching to the alternate. Over time wakeboard ropes stretch and rotating your ropes will prevent permanent stretch.