• Refers to the curve of the wakeboard from end to end
  • More rocker have softer landings & more abrupt pop off the wake
  • Less rocker have less drag

Rocker of the board can affect:

  • The speed of the board
  • The way it will come off the wake
  • The way if will land


    1. Continuous Rocker (smooth, continuous arch)

    WAKEBOARD Rocker Type

    • GREAT for aggressive rider
    • Has one smooth fluid, curved shape.
    • Provide fast, smooth rides
    • Allow you to hook up turns more easily.
    • Speed and a very predictable pop (height) when you hit the wake will shoot you farther out into the flats.
    • Better for edging

    2. 3-Stage Rocker (angled with a flat spot)

    WAKEBOARD Rocker Type

    • Features three distinct planes on the bottom of the board
    • Has more pop or rebound at the wake on take off
    • Has the looser or slippery feel on the water surface.
    • Usually rides slower
    • Fins become less effective 
    • Flat spot makes the impact of landings intense & gives a slight sluggish feeling after landing. 

    3. Hybrid Rocker

    WAKEBOARD Rocker Type

    • Extends from tip to tail through the middle of the board
    • Combine characteristics of continuous and 3-stage rocker wakeboards
    • More Predicable
    • More Flexible
    • Each brand and board offers a different combination